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Information on Surrounding Area

Introducing sightseeing spots around Ikaho everyone can enjoy

From the facility within or the room, you can admire the stunning views of the Jomo Sanzan

There are many attractive sightseeing spots in the vicinity of Ikaho Onsen.
Enjoy a fun trip with family, couples, couples and friends.
  • Let's take a walk around Ikaho

    • Ikaho Stone Stairs

      Ryokans, souvenir shops, and shooting shops are located on both sides of the stone steps.
      Stone steps that have looked at the town of hot water for more than 400 years, to Sanada Katsuyori Takeda was defeated at Battle of Nagashino is Sanada
      It was made to order.
      The 365 steps from the bottom to the top of Ikaho Shrine are the symbol of Ikaho Onsen.

      10 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Ishidan-no-yu

      There are two communal baths in Ikaho.
      Ishidan-no-yu is Ishidangai(stone steps) the entrance of Ishidangai(stone steps) and is easily accessible.
      The hot spring is a brown sulfate hot spring that comes from the source next to the Ikaho Open Air Bath.
      Business hours are from 9:00 to 21:00 (up to 20:30 in winter) and the price is 400 yen for adults.
      The regular holiday is the second and fourth Tuesdays.

      10 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Kajika Bridge

      A red-painted Taikobashi Bridge near the Ikaho onsen spring source.
      A famous place for autumn leaves.
      While listening to the sound of the clear stream flowing under the bridge, you should feel the power when sitting on the bridge.

      20 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Villa of the Minister of the Kingdom of Hawaii

      Meiji era, the building Robert W Irwin was Ambassador minister of the Kingdom of Hawaii was used as a villa.
      It is a city-designated historic site as one of the few buildings related to the Kingdom of Hawaii that exists in Japan.

      15 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Ikaho Ropeway

      You can enjoy a magnificent view and a 4-minute walk in the air between Ikaho Onsen Town and the Mt Monokiki summit
      It runs every 10 minutes from 8:30 to 9:00 and every 15 minutes from 9:00 to 17:15.

      5 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Takehisa Yumeji Memorial / Sound theme building

      A museum introducing mainly the works of Yumeji Takehisa, an artist from the Taisho era who loved Ikaho.
      The tone of the Sound theme building antique in the Sound theme building box Sound theme building, you can enjoy a Yumeji Art Museum Giyamanro In the old glass of Japan.

      10 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Ikaho place of matchmaking

      Ikaho Onsen and Tomioka City have long been connected by thread.
      Ikaho, who made Tomioka Silk Mill and used kimonos and bands made from the yarn.
      Won't you come home valuing the old bonds and deepen the bonds?
      Matchmaking goods are sold at this facility.
      There is a "pin winding" in the Ishidangai(stone steps), so please tie it with your wishes.

      15 minutes on foot from the hotel

      You can also experience outdoor sports such as horse riding and archery, interacting with animals, milking and making butter.
      There are also events such as Western shows on weekends!

      8 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Let's have fun from Ikaho

    • Lake Haruna

      A beautiful figure of Haruna Fuji is reflected on the surface of the lake.
      Let's go cycling while watching cherry blossoms and azaleas in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall.
      From April to November, you can enjoy the scenery from the lake on a pleasure boat or pedal boat.
      From January to late February when the lake freezes, you can also experience fishing on ice.

      30 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Haruna Shrine

      It has a history of 1400 and has prospered as a sacred place for practitioners. There is a statue of the Shichifukujin (Seven Lucky Gods) the precincts, and it is famous as a power spot for rising money.
      In terms of feng shui, the arrangement is like drawing a triangle between Mt Kamongatake, Haruna Fuji, and Haruna Shrine, and it seems that there is a concern in the area.

      35 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Shibukawa Skylandpark

      An amusement park with a great view on the hill at an altitude of 460m, close to Ikaho Onsen.
      A variety of playground equipment that children can play with peace of mind.
      There is also a character show. The view of Shibukawa that can be seen from the Ferris wheel is recommended.

      15 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Haruna Glass

      Meiji 36(1903)Founded Glass Works.
      Features a variety of color glasses.
      Handmade experience is 5,000 yen for making a tumbler, fusing 2625 yen for melting glass and 945 yen for sandblasting.
      You can also see the manufacturing process for the products you sell.

      20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Mizusawa Kannon

      A temple with a history of 1300 years.
      The grounds wrapped in incense smoke are tasteful and popular as a power spot.
      The 16th bill office in 33 33 Temples of Bando.
      Mizusawa Kannon the gate of Mizusawa Kannon, there is currently the “Mizusawa Udon Kaido” with 13 udon shops.

      10 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Tomioka Silk Mill

      A government-owned model factory established in 1872 by the Meiji Government to disseminate instrument spinning technology to improve raw silk quality and increase production.
      We continued to develop various technologies until the operation was stopped in 1987.
      Most of the main facilities at the time of its establishment exist.

      60 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Gumma Safari Park

      A baby white tiger was born in April 2014 at Gumma Safari Park!
      Fluffy like a kitten, you can see a lovely figure walking around.
      There is also a photo session for a limited time.
      Safari drive is recommended with a powerful score.

      90 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Road Station Komochi

      A Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) with a farmer's shop and a restaurant with fresh vegetables.
      Check here for famous konjac products.
      It is also adjacent to Shiroi Machinami Park, where the watermills are located, and soothes the fatigue of travel.

      30 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Taste the hot spring atmosphere with your tongue

    • Ikaho Tama Konjac

      Joshu specialty, Tama Konjac shop. It may be the simplest and most delicious way to eat.
      Three skewered konjacs are served on a skewer, and each skewer costs 100 yen.

      Tel: 0279-26-7234
    • Shogetsudo's Yu-no-hana Manju

      Founded 43 years. It devised a bun that was bogus in Ikaho-no-yu flower.
      Traditional taste that is modest in sweetness and uses no preservatives.

      Tel: 0279-72-2121
    • Sansho Rice Crackers

      When I looked inside with a good scent, Grandpa baked rice crackers one by one in the back.
      Slightly sweet and fluffy yam flavor.

      Sakuma Sembei Shop
      Tel: 0279-72-2327
    • Seihotei Yu-no-hana Manju

      One of the famous shops for Yu-no-hana Manju.
      Plenty of moist and thin skin with a carefully finished finish.
      Omanju is a little luxurious.

      Tel: 0279-20-3939
    • Tofu Sabo

      Directly managed by Ikaho's famous "Dandan Tofu", a tofu specialty store that makes tofu delicious by various cooking methods.
      Aunt's secret lunch is recommended.

      Tofu Sabo Dandan
      Tel: 0279-72-2338
    • Mizusawa Udon

      Mizusawa Udon is a handmade udon served near Mizusawa Kannon more than 400 years.
      The feature is white noodles that are slightly thicker, firmer, and transparent.
  • If you have any questions about places or shops you would like to visit, please contact the front desk staff.

    • Questions and requests from customers are welcome.

      Each staff member will guide you with ingenuity so that you will be pleased to come to Ikaho!