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Seasonal food is delicious, fun and wholehearted

A passionate dish using seasonal ingredients.

Use the natural rich ingredients that Joshu of land is nurtured, seasonal dishes that ingenuity.
Every day, I try to be happy and impressed by using each material.
We are also striving to provide a space where customers can relax and enjoy local liquor that matches their cuisine.

Sanyo Hotel, 6 popular dinner menus from customers

  • 【Charcoal fire】Sankai charcoal grill

    Char-grilled delicacies from sea and mountains course to eat in the hearth☆
    Recommended for those who want to eat meat and seafood.
    The scent of charcoal is fragrant and the beer goes forward.
  • 【pot】Selectable hot pot dishes

    This is course each person chooses one dish from three hot pots: beef sukiyaki, beef shabu, and pork shabu.
  • 【Banquet】All you can drink (120 minutes)

    This is a banquet plan with an all-you-can-drink effortlessly recommended by the secretary at work and group trips.
    Please apply with 4 or more people.
  • sake

    We also offer local sake from Gunma that is as good as Niigata.
    It also goes well with dishes with a refreshing taste.
    There is also a popular “Drinking Beer Set” in this facility. Please have fun.
  • Breakfast

    We offer a gentle breakfast on the stomach of waking up, including salads made from freshly picked vegetables and homemade pickles.
  • Dining Hall

    Depending on the dinner menu and number of people, we will prepare at the restaurant or hall.
    The breakfast venue is “Hall”.